Quebec mayor Régis Labeaume summoned to appear in court

Quebec mayor Régis Labeaume summoned to appear in court

Main pic: Quebec City’s mayor Régis Labeaume during a conference at the Cégep Limoilou. Photo credit: Antoine Letarte.

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 July 2015 – A Quebec City resident, André Bérubé is taking a case of abusive arrest to the municipal court and has summoned the mayor Régis Labeaume to appear and testify as to the conditions of a certain section 19.2, of the law referring to public protests and peaceful demonstrations.

M. Bérubé is an activist for the rights and liberties of citizens and was awarded $4,000 in damages back in 2014 due to being arrested, handcuffed and held against his will for 3 hours in 2012 during another demonstration he took part in.

This new case is for being ticketed for an apparently illegal demonstration in front of the legislature in March of 2013. When M. Bérubé contested the fine in the small claims court, the court found the arrest to be abusive, allowing him to follow through on a court case against the city and its legislators.

As M. Labeaume is considered the chief legislator, M. Bérubé has sent a subpoena to the mayor forcing him to appear in court to answer some questions concerning the above mentioned law. M. Bérubé tried to hand M. Labeaume the citation himself at a municipal meeting back in May of this year but was denied. When a person receives a subpoena, he or she is by law, required to appear before the judge who issues the document. The case is going to court in October.

According to the Le Soleil newspaper, two other cases of police brutality and abusive arrest are also before the courts. Martine Deraspe is claiming $15,000 in damages caused when she was pushed from behind by police, causing her to fall on her face resulting in a surgical intervention requiring 5 stitches to her upper eyelid.

Alison Bilodeau is suing the city for damages when she was knocked unconscious by police and held against her will for 9 hours.

Both incidences took place during demonstrations against the government’s austerity measures.

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