Quebec merchants ready to ‘card’ anyone under 25 for tobacco purchases

Quebec merchants ready to ‘card’ anyone under 25 for tobacco purchases

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 September 2015 – The owners and managers of Quebec’s convenience stores and small grocers association (AMDEQ) has started a campaign to restrict the selling of tobacco products to anyone who they suspect may be under the age of 25. Starting last weekend they will now ask any client who appears too young to show proof of age before selling that package of cigarettes.

The managing director of AMDEQ, Yves Servais decided to start the campaign without the support of the Government. When speaking to the Le Soleil newspaper, M. Servais states the Government is too lax when it comes to enforcing the under 25 law which prohibits selling liquor and tobacco to under aged clients.

His campaign, “pas de carte, pas de tabac” (no card, no tobacco) is being supported by Quebec liquor stores (SAQ) as well.

The government set up the under 25 Law (Bill 44) to discourage the use of tobacco and alcohol by the youth of the province in 2011 but since then, has done nothing to enforce the ruling. AMDEQ and the SAQ have decided to go it alone in order to avoid paying fines if ever caught selling the specified products to anyone under the legal age.

So if you’re under 25 or even appear to be, you had better have some kind of ID card to prove you’re not if you want to smoke or drink from now on, as ‘carding’ has become the norm.

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