Quebec milk producers upset over new US demands

Quebec milk producers upset over new US demands

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 September 2015 – In recent weeks the US has been making demands on Canada to allow them to export more of their milk products into the country which is not going over well with Quebec’s milk producers and rightly so.

The Quebec milk producer’s spokesman, François Dumontier says Canada already imports 10% of its dairy products from other countries, mostly the United States, and conceding to another 9 to 10% would be disastrous for the province.

The new demands are part of the recently signed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement which is supposed to increase trade and create jobs for Canada in the long term. The new demands by the US however, seem to contradict this theory.

The residing minister Maxime Bernier concluded in a written declaration last week that the rumours circulating concerning the concessions Canada must make to meet the demands of the US are false and that his government is there to protect the dairy production in Quebec and the rest of the country.

Quebec milk producers are a bit skeptical of the government’s declaration because the last time a similar agreement was signed Canada opened its doors to about 100 different cheeses from Europe after having claimed they would make no new concessions to a free trade agreement.

Quebec is sending a delegation, together with Ontario, to defend their case in front of the board of negotiations in Atlanta this week.

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