Quebec motorist charged in death of pregnant woman

Quebec motorist charged in death of pregnant woman

QUEBEC — A Quebec man is facing three charges in the death of a pregnant woman who was struck by a vehicle at a pedestrian crossing last summer.

Jonathan Falardeau-Laroche was charged in Quebec City today with one count of criminal negligence causing death and two of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

One of those charges relates to Marie-Pier Gagne’s daughter, who was born the same day and survived.

The other charge is in connection with a woman who was in her car when Falardeau-Laroche’s vehicle allegedly struck it after knocking down Gagne, 27.

Falardeau-Laroche’s lawyer says his client is epileptic.

The accused, 22, was released on $10,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court April 24.

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