Quebec Opera Festival in Fine Voice

Quebec Opera Festival in Fine Voice

Inspired by Mozart’s classics, the second edition of the Quebec’s Opera Festival was launched earlier this week in the Raoul Jobin room of the Palais Montcalm.

The Canadian soprano Karina Gauvin, was accompanied by Les Violons du Roy, under the maestro Bernard Labadie and the Italian pianist Benedetto Lupo, on the opening night.

Les Violons du Roy began the concert, opening with a long, instrumental peice from the opera Lucio Silla (composed on 1172.

The soprano Karina Gauvin then made her appearance on stage to sing Aer Tranquillo, a piece taken from the Il re pastore (The Shepherd King) opera.

The soprano native from Repentigny, filled the room with enchanting smile and superb voice to then take a dark and dramatic turn for Misera dove son!… Non son io che parlo.

The Violons du Roy’s arrangements were balanced and perfectly setup for the performers.

After this, grand opera La Clemenza di Tito (Titus’ Clemence) opening by Les Violens du Roy, Karina Gauvin made one of the night’s highlights with Ach, ich fül’s, es ist verschwunden from the opera of La Flûte Enchantée.

A piece putting forth lost love and hope.

The arrival of Benedetto Lupo for Ch’io mi Scordi di te?… Non temer amato bene demonstrated the grand talent of the Italian pianist with a soft and sweet composition. The piano’s melody combined perfectly with the musicians’ symphony and Karina Gauvin’s voice.

When it was time to wrap it up, the show finished with extracts from La Clemenza di Tito, Les Noces de Figaro, and Cosi Fan Tutte.
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