Quebec overdosing on Ritalin

Quebec overdosing on Ritalin

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Montreal (Quebec) 10 March 2015 – Are there really more hyper-active children in Quebec than elsewhere?

The latest statistics regarding the prescribing of Ritalin would seem to confirm that theory but, is it really the case, or are children being badly diagnosed and prescribed the drug when they really don’t need it?

Quebec is way above the other provinces in Canada when it comes to using the “miracle” drug to help their apparently over active children.

Ritalin is prescribed for children who seem to suffer from an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and is very popular these days as a stimulant to help kids stay more focused and calm.

The spokesperson for the Collège des Médecins, Leslie Labranche is concerned about the 12% increase over the last year in prescriptions of the drug in the province. There has been an increase over the last five years of 56%.

There are some serious factors that come into play when diagnosing a child with ADHD, according to the pediatrician Anne -Marie Goyette, from the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

She says the problem can stem from other disorders like, depression, learning disabilities or anxiety and that Ritalin is not the magic pill everyone thinks it is.

M. Julien Prud’Homme, a research scientist at the University center for Science and Technology, is concerned that the drug is being offered as a solution to parents concerns as to why their child is not succeeding in school.

The Collège des Médecins will be publishing a new information bulletin in April suggesting that doctors follow some stricter guidelines when it comes to diagnosing the ever popular syndrome of ADHD.

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