Quebec Parliament Buildings to be Updated

Quebec Parliament Buildings to be Updated

Quebec City (Quebec) September 15 2014 – The administrative board for the National Assembly has approved the motion to send out tenders for the improvement to the security system, the building of a new maintenance staff office building and a new visitor’s pavilion which will improve the operations of the parliament which has had no real expansion or improvement for a hundred years.

surveillance-cameraThe call has gone out for the conception and realisation of a completely new security system including cameras, detection devices, and more controlled access to certain areas with a new computerized data storage capacity. The budget proposed is $50 million and the companies involved will be scrutinized for any foul play. Most of the money will come from the National Assembly’s own pockets.

The second part of the updates is to build a three story building within the parliament’s courtyard to house the building maintenance offices and their equipment with extra office space on the top floors.

The third phase of the plan is to create a new pavilion to welcome the many visitors that frequent the parliament buildings throughout the tourist season.

There will be a new underground entrance off of the esplanade area that will have a coatroom, a security system and a welcoming salon to better control the flow of the approximately 100,000 or so tourists that visit the parliament buildings every year.

The construction work should all be finished for 2019.

The main building where the National Assembly is housed was built in 1877 with updates in 1886 making it a very historical building.

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