Quebec pedophile hunters

Quebec pedophile hunters

(Quebec) Shocked by the “flexible laws”, a citizens’ group calling themselves The Judge Beauce has decided to take a stand against pedophiles, as Le Soleil has learned.

Created last August in Sainte-Marie de Beauce by Robert Lemieux, the group now has sixty members, both men and women, expresses the man who hold the prestigious role of president in Sainte-Marie. In addition to Chaudière-Appalaches, the group also has support in Quebec City and Saint-Jérôme in the Laurentians.

His goal? “Advise strongly that pedophiles seek treatment,” replies Mr. Lemieux. When at work, two, three, sometimes four members go meet the “predator”. An operation happens to be scheduled in Charny on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Before they directly confront the individual, The Judge Beauce follows a list of rules. First, presidents, vice presidents and high-placed members of the group must meet at the headquarters in Sainte-Marie and vote in favour of the intervention. “If one of them says no, it doesn’t work,” says Mr. Lemieux, who decided to found the organization after witnessing displaced gestures. “Nobody was to help the victim. […] Today, we believe that the sentences are not strong enough. All they get is a slap on the hands. The law is not strict enough. We are like an extension of the law. We talk, we display and we act!”

Then, for a few days, they hunt down the individual on ground and on the Internet and “if we have no concrete evidence against him, we keep the record cold,” added the president. However, for example, if the person wanders too close to a school and has a criminal record, a visit is required.

The Judge Beauce gives him in person an Ex-Equo brochure – a service centre for sex offenders – and advises “strongly” for the person to consult a psychologist. “We had a case recently in Beauce. The parents contacted police. Before acting, we let the dust settle and we went to see the parents. We then led an investigation and found that this was the man’s second warning. He was never beat or attacked, but we strongly advised that he seek treatment. ”

Intensive recruitment

Since its founding, The Judge Beauce is in an intensive recruitment period, but it is not everyone that applies is admitted into the group. In order to become a member, the Judge must, first off, accept the nomination. The candidate is then the subject of an investigation led by other members for two months to see if they have a violent past or history of arrest warrants, says Mr. Lemieux, who also states that The Judge Beauce is not a “motorcycle gang”.

After passing these steps, the newest recruit must pay a $25 fee in order to cover the expenses for his shirt bearing the image of the group, whose logo is a skull. “In every area where there is a Judge, there are generals, soldiers, recruiters, lieutenants, presidents and vice presidents. Members wear the colours of their sector, Québec, Beauce … “added the president.

To hunt down sex offenders, the group does not set traps online. It is rather the relatives of the victims or past victims themselves who typically contact them. “Before we intervene, we notify the police. We also do surveillance in schools. For the last operation in Charny, it was a parent who came to my office to notify us of the threat.”

For now, The Judge Beace has held four interventions in the province. “In Quebec, we had been following a predator for a week or two. As time passed, he ventured closer and closer to children in parks. Once, the man took the hand of the child, and we intervened. We were six, “he says.”Children are our future and we must be able to protect them.”

The Sûreté du Québec was not aware of the existence of the group until last Friday. The Judge Beauce has a Facebook page, which had 86 members as of Friday.

Not a precedent

Robert Lemieux is not the first one to want to take a stand against pedophiles. A woman from Quebec, Sophie Dupont, also created a Facebook page five years ago titled: “Public sex offender registry in Quebec,” where one can see several people who were accused convicted of sex crimes against minors.

The page had 17,305 members on Friday.

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