Quebec police brutality unfounded in arrest complaint

Quebec police brutality unfounded in arrest complaint

Main pic: Police issue X26 TASER. Photo credit: Junglecat

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 February 2015 – Three police officers that were before the tribunals for unnecessary brutality have been found not guilty of the accusations by the accuser. In 2011 on July eleventh, police were called to a child custody case that involved a mother who was to take possession of her child from her estranged husband under difficult circumstances. The police were called in to make sure that the handing-over of the child to the mother by the father went smoothly. The mother wanted the custody of her child so she and the infant could return to France.

The transfer of the child went off fairly well but, right after the child was given to its mother the father suddenly started harassing the police and his ex-wife from the balcony of the apartment where he was living. At this point the police decided to arrest the individual when he became radical and uncontrollable.

The charges would be, obstruction of justice and interfering with police work.

During the arrest the police used their taser gun to calm the father down and to make it easier to apply the handcuffs.

In court the accused claimed that he was kicked and or beaten by the police officers during the arrest but, neither the court, nor the police department’s deontology division, found the accuser’s allegations valid, consequently the three police involved were exonerated of any unnecessary brutality during the arrest.

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