Quebec police officer charged in bicycle death

Quebec police officer charged in bicycle death

Quebec City (Quebec) 26 August 2015 – On September 3rd of last year a man on a bicycle was fatally wounded when a police car backed-up over his bicycle and ended up killing M. Guy Blouin. Because the incident took place in a public space known as the Place Parvis, there were a lot of witnesses and they all seemed to think that the officer deliberately drove backwards with the intent of hitting M. Blouin’s bicycle.

A year later, after having no answers during the inquiry, the officer implicated has finally been charged. The case was handed over to an inquiry committee in Saguenay for the investigation, as is the case when a police officer is involved in an incident the files are usually handed over to a different police force, in order to avoid any favoritism or bias.

The officer, Simon Beaulieu who was driving the police vehicle at the time of the accident has been charged with reckless driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death and will be appearing in court on those charges on October 16 in the law courts of Quebec City.

The group of witnesses, who are regular visitors to the Place Parvis, are pleased with the decision and see it as a victory, as they quite often claim that the police in the district are always abusing their rights when dealing with the local residents who are mostly some of the less well off residents of the region.

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