Québec Police Setting Up “Shred Day” for Counterfeit Bill Resurgence

Québec Police Setting Up “Shred Day” for Counterfeit Bill Resurgence

Since the new polymer bills have come out, older counterfeit bills are being used more and more often in order to get rid of them, and it appears that more than half of all the counterfeit money left in Canada is being used in the province of Québec.

Counterfeiters are trying to get rid of the old bills while there are still some real ones around so they don’t get stuck with them and it appears that it’s easier to do so in Québec than in the other provinces.

The Quebec Provincial Police are setting up a special “Shred Day” to destroy all the false bills that have been collected over the past months and are out to find as many as they can before the end of March, which has been designated “Fraud Prevention Month” across the country. They will be visiting various commercial outlets throughout the province to round up any counterfeit bills that retailers may have missed or don’t even know they have. All the bad bills will be shredded at a special place on March 29th to mark the end of the special Month.

If you suspect that any money you may have is perhaps suspicious in appearance you can first check the Bank of Canada’s website, where they explain all the differences between the real deal and the phoney bills, and if you feel it’s the case, you will have to take the bills in question to a local police station where they will check them for you. Don’t forget that the person trying to spend those notes could be suspected of manufacturing them, so best beware if you have any unknowingly laying around.

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