Quebec police: wearing the red cap maintained

Quebec police: wearing the red cap maintained

Quebec police officers continue to wear the red cap as a means of pressure, though the group representing argues that the talks with the City to renew their collective agreement will run smoothly.

“There have been meetings of negotiations since February. It is going well, but we continue to wear red caps “, said the President of the Police Brotherhood Quebec City, Marc Richard. Initially, the wearing of the cap was a way to protest against Bill 3. “There, it is a means of pressure for our own negotiations,” said Richard.

It is also the only way to pressure, because the police have abandoned camouflage pants they wore between summer 2014 and December 2014. This decision was to “give a chance to negotiations,” explained Brotherhood at this time.
Police in Quebec City are have been without a contract since December 31, 2014.

Alexandre Banville, spokesman for the Federation of Municipal Police of Quebec (FPMQ) says that there is “almost 32 different situations for each of the fraternities. The pressure means are decentralized. Each fraternity may adopt the means it considers appropriate to express their disagreement with the law “, with regard to retirement pensions.

A document obtained also shows that each of the groups saw a different reality.
Thus, the officers keep the stickers on most of their vehicles in Deux-Montagnes. In Mascouche and Laval, camouflage pants is always required. In Gatineau and Quebec City, we simply wear the red cap, while in Saguenay and Lévis, there is more leverage in progress.

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