Port of Québec accused of marketing with Beauport 2020

Port of Québec accused of marketing with Beauport 2020

Nature Québec denounces the fact that an information day on the Port of Québec expansion plans will be held by the administration before the ones planned by the Environmental Assessment Agency.

Nature Québec is asking the Port of Québec to stop promoting its Beauport 2020 project before the authorities have been able to shed light on the environmental issues surrounding the expansion of port facilities.

The General Manager of Nature Québec regretfully announced that the Québec Port Authority (QPA) is organizing its own information day next Monday, two weeks before the public meetings scheduled by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

“Why is the Québec Port Authority working beside the official process and trying to get ahead of it, if it isn’t to take control of the message?” questions Christian Simard, who describes Monday’s event as a” public relations operation.”

The General Manager of the Port, Mario Girard, defended on Friday an information day, talking about a “commitment” to disseminate information. “The open house held on January 16 is organized on a voluntary basis, we are there to answer people’s questions and concerns,” said the leader.

Call to Caution

Nature Québec invites citizens and elected representatives of the region to “be cautious about this marketing strategy” because of the many questions that remain unanswered.

Specifically, the organization targets contaminated soil management, marine habitat and air quality records as a concern.

“The environmental impact assessment filed by the Port of Québec is 1,500 pages long and has 10,000 pages of appended documents. It is very easy to get lost and that is why it is necessary that it be approached by experts, in an impartiality context, “insists Christian Simard.

Days already planned

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency had already announced, in recent weeks three informal days at the Hotel Ambassadeur. An open house with information kiosks is scheduled for January 31, with moderated sessions scheduled for February first and second.

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