Quebec Premier gets involved personally regarding refugees

Quebec Premier gets involved personally regarding refugees

Roberval (Quebec) 8 September 2015 – The premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard has decided together with his wife Suzanne to adopt a Syrian refugee family themselves. Speaking in his home riding of Roberval, M. Couillard reached out to several warm-hearted people in the area to help him take-in a family in need.

Explaining that there are two ways to handle refugees coming into the province, either by the state immigration process or by sponsorship, he tried to get the message out to families in the area that sponsoring refugees is a faster and more welcoming way to help than forcing the people to go through tons of bureaucratic red tape.

He mentioned that there are many ways to help. Just by donating to an organization that sponsors immigrants can be of help or volunteering in some way. He reiterated that Quebec has always been very responsive to global crisis including the Boat people, the Haitian Earthquake, and the flooding events in Indonesia.

M. Couillard has stated that the present refugee crisis is the largest since the Second World War and he hopes that all Quebecers will step-up to the plate and do their part.

He expects it will take several weeks before the paperwork for his personal effort will be processed.

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