Quebec Premier Reaches Out to Ottawa

Quebec Premier Reaches Out to Ottawa

Shawinigan (Quebec) 18 August 2015 – Speaking at a rally in Shawinigan this past Sunday, the premier of the province Philippe Couillard wanted to point out that whoever takes over the reins in Ottawa after the election of Oct 19 will be expected to pay more attention to his and the other provinces when it comes to making decisions that affect the country.

Philippe Couillard wants to get the constitutional talks back on the table with the new federal government and he is standing by the demands or suggestions that have been long the thorn in Québec’s side when it comes to dealing with Ottawa. Most of Québec’s demands were met in the Lake Meech accord, but the accord was defeated in 1990.  Québec was ready to sign the accord but the document was voted down by two provinces and the constitutional talks have never been reopened since.

Couillard wants it reopened and reiterates that Québec’s “demands” haven’t changed. He wants more consultation concerning investments, military spending, and economic contracts from Ottawa among others, and he wants the “distinct society” clause for the province at the top of the list. He wants the equalization payments re-examined, the right to veto anything concerning the constitution, and he wants the senate to be completely redesigned. Outside of constitutional demands, the premier also suggested that all federal Judges be bilingual, that Radio-Canada be properly financed, and to drop the idea of a toll on the new Champlain bridge.

Couillard said during his last election campaign that he wanted Québec to sign the constitution so that Québec could take part in any decisions the country would take, especially those that concerned his province. He implies that co-operation is the best way to go, for Canada and Québec.

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