Quebec Private Daycares Ask For Equality

Quebec Private Daycares Ask For Equality

“We just want fairness. That is all there is to say,” asked one private daycare owner explaining his presence among the 200 people protesting loudly at the National Assembly earlier Wednesday.

Not only do private daycares condemn the budget cuts that the Minister of Families plans to impose on them, but they are now feeling thereby disadvantaged with respect to early childhood centers. They suggest that the provincial government imposes cuts on them, the impact of the cuts will be lesser in comparison.

However, this does not have ill purpose: “We offer the same quality, the same excellence as the early childhood centres,” argued one owner, pan in hand, saying that he feared having to cut services for children if the minister goes ahead with their plan. “Parents do not have to be penalized,” commented another.

Unlike Montreal, who had held a protest march, the protest outside the National Assembly does not necessarily add up to a one-day strike in the Quebec daycare institutions, governed by a different association to those in Montreal. This time they managed to avoid the threat of fines that were promised by the Minister, Nicole Léger against those who intend to protest the cuts.

If the minister does not reverse its decision, private daycares in Quebec intend to join forces with those of Montreal on May 30, where a second event is being scheduled.
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