Québec rally planned in support of Paris

Québec rally planned in support of Paris

Main pic: The Eiffel Tower incorporated into a peace sign, shared by French citizen Jean Julien. The image is being shared as a rallying symbol throughout the world.

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 November 2015 – A gathering is scheduled for Saturday afternoon in front of the consulat général de France, in Quebec City.

The event is expected to occur around 3 o’clock. In January 2015, several hundred people gathered in the same place following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The shock of the attacks was felt around the areas where the French community is present in large quantities.

“Horror, fear and indignation, but also solidarity with the victims and their families”, commented briefly Nicolas Chibaeff, Consul General of France in Quebec.

The latter thanked Quebecers for their generous messages of support during these difficult times.

“We unfortunately are reliving the Charlie Hebdo attacks with unbelievable intensity.”

Mr. Chibaeff also praised the work of the security forces and emergency services in Paris.

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