Quebec reaching out to Syrian refugees

Quebec reaching out to Syrian refugees

Montreal (Quebec) 8 September 2015 – As the world is contemplating as to how and where to look after the thousands of refugees who are showing up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and especially since the photo of the little boy washed up on the beach has everyone talking, Quebec has announced they are ready to do their share to help.

Quebec’s Minister of Education, Kathleen Weil together with the Minister of International relations, Christine St. Pierre told the media on Monday that the province was ready to accept 2,450 more Syrian refugees than its first offer of 1,200, for a total 3,650. Both Ministers mentioned they hope to get the full support from the Federal Government to get things moving quickly and to have the administration of the refugee status procedures speeded up.

Canada has pledged to take-in 10,000 refugees, and so far 650 have been welcomed into Quebec Society. In 2014, 60% of the Syrian refugees who arrived in Canada were accepted by Quebec.

The International Relations Minister has unblocked $100,000 of emergency fund money to get the ball rolling for the next influx with a total of $29 million put aside to house, feed and reorient the all the new refugees who will be entering the province in the next two years.

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