Quebec sacred wine not so sacred

Quebec sacred wine not so sacred

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 June 2015 – A man of 35 years old was caught in the act Tuesday night of this week, attempting to steal from the Quebec Archbishop’s diocese offices. Having entered through a window of the office the individual set off an alarm which summoned the police fairly quickly. The Quebec City police agents (SPVQ) responded to the “breaking and entering” call with a sniffer dog, knowing that the building was quite large and spread out.

The poor suspect was found by the dog, who according to police, didn’t bite him, hiding in a basement room with several bottles of sacred wine and some candle burning chandeliers which he was trying to escape with. The wine had come from the diocese’s small reserve of wine used for the weekly masses held in its different churches.

As for the wine and its validity as being sacred, the bottles in the thief’s possession were from California and were valued at a price of $8.75 each. Whether they were originally procured from the SAQ or from the local Metro store was not divulged.

One thing for sure, the church isn’t offering the best quality wine to its parishioners, and it obviously only becomes sacred after the priest has proclaimed it so.

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