Quebec school bus driver accused of DUI

Quebec school bus driver accused of DUI

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 February 2015 – Back on October 21, 2011, a school bus driver in the St-Etienne school district had the misfortune of having a flat tire on the school bus he was driving while the bus was full of children.

While he was examining the tire, after having immobilised the vehicle, someone stopped to help but, at the same time noticed a strong odour of alcohol coming from the driver.

The person in question alerted the police through 9-1-1 that maybe the driver was inebriated.

When the police arrived a breathalyser test showed the driver having a level of alcohol at .017, more double the permitted level.

In court this week, the driver, Jacques Roberge, 61 didn’t stand a chance when he proclaimed to the judge that he had simply taken a swig of Cheminaud after he had discovered he had a flat tire and was, at that point, outside the vehicle.

Three witnesses however, buried M. Roberge’s statement by claiming they had all smelled alcohol on his breath.

The driver, who was called to replace M. Roberge and testified as a witness, had also noticed the strong odour of alcohol.
To make things worse for M. Roberge, he had already been convicted of five DUI accusations in the past.

He will be sentenced this week.

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