Quebec school libraries outdated and understaffed

Quebec school libraries outdated and understaffed

The Quebec Federation of Professionals of Education ( CSQ – FPPE ) unveiled the results of a survey on the situation of libraries in Quebec schools in which it denounces the lack of updated collections and the misuse of libraries in general

It has been discovered that most of the reference material is outdated, there are more books for girls than for boys, and some of the reading items are even unsuitable for certain students at certain ages.

LBA_bus_cardIt has also been noted that some of the libraries are used for things other than its purpose. Some libraries are used as lunchrooms, craft rooms and even for after school activities such as music classes etc.

There is also a dire need for more librarians. Although the province has gone from 21 to 107 in the last few years the ideal would be 200.

There does not seem to be a problem of financing the extra staff or finding the personnel, it appears the Gov’t just doesn’t understand the role of the library in the education system. There are some school boards that do not even have qualified librarians on staff.

According to the (FPPE) good libraries are part of a guaranteed of success when it comes to the quality of French, and student achievement. There should be a better co-operation between teachers and librarians and even an inclusion of speech therapy and or reference inquiries. Teachers still know very little about what we can provide for the education of students, the board stated.
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