Quebec schoolboards not impressed with interactive whiteboards

Quebec schoolboards not impressed with interactive whiteboards

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 July 2015 – A study carried out by the Université de Montréal concerning the installation of interactive whiteboards (IWB’s) in all the classrooms of the province has revealed that most teachers and students alike either don’t use the boards to their maximum capacity or don’t use them at all. The boards can be used with fingers and can be written on and transcribed as text for later use, much like a tablet only bigger.

The integrating of those electronic touch screens has so far cost the government $240 million which, according to the Interuniversity teaching and training research Centre, (CRIFPE) was wasted money considering the results compiled by the centre. Thierry Karsenti from the CRIFPE claims the money would have been better spent on a more simple technology like screens using projectors which allow a larger and more comprehensive view of what can be seen on a computer.

An interactive whiteboard costs $7,000 to $8,000 each to install whereas a giant screen and projector would have cost around $600 each.

His main concern is that the IWB is not being used interactively with students as much as it could be either due to a lack of training or just simply a lack of interest on behalf of teachers. There are also a certain number of technical problems that arrive on a regular basis, causing teachers to change their teaching methods during a class.

M. Karsenti and the teachers union thinks it would have been helpful if the government had consulted the teachers before deciding to install the Boards in all the schools across the province.

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