Québec Separatists in Scotland for Inspiration

Québec Separatists in Scotland for Inspiration

Quebec City (Quebec) September 14, 2014 – In preparation for Scotland’s historical referendum, in which Scottish citizens are slated to decide whether or not Scotland should be an independent country, a small but dedicated team of Québécois separatists have taken to Edinburgh to observe and learn from the Scottish independence movement.

Organised by Réseau Québec-Monde, this new type of “political tourism” mostly seems to be drawing younger, more idealist separatists.  Many in this group of fifty or so were too young to vote in, or even remember, the previous two Québec referendums. Québec-Monde clarifies that these are tour groups, and are not intended to be a political delegation. Observation is the key word – the Québec separatists are there to make the best of their opportunity to see history in action and, they hope, be inspired by Scotland’s vote to make Québec independence possible.

Observers are noting several important historical parallels between the current state of the Scottish referendum on independence and Québec’s 1995 referendum.  Many of the issues used by Scottish independence advocates, such as Scotland’s more left-leaning society, historical origin as a separate nation, and different laws and traditions are core issues in the debate. Latest polling is also neck-and-neck between the Yes and No sides – much like Québec’s 1995 vote.

The vote will be taking place this Thursday on September 18th. The result – whatever it may be – will no doubt cast a wide shadow over Québec’s own politics within Canada.

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