Quebec standing firm concerning deer fences on route 175

Quebec standing firm concerning deer fences on route 175

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 August 2015 – The tragic accident of a Quebec City Corvette club member, that took the life of its driver and passenger after hitting a moose on route 175 last weekend, isn’t changing the government’s mind about deer fencing.

The accident, which happened near midnight when the driver decided to pass another vehicle on one of Quebec’s most dangerous highways where there is a constant warning for moose and deer crossings, prompted certain people to claim that the road in question should have more fencing along its borders to deter the animals from crossing the highway.

Route 175, which runs from Quebec City to Saguenay, crosses through a controlled wildlife reserve, and unfortunately sees about 40 accidents a year involving deer or moose. Some of the road is fenced off, and where those fences are, the number of accidents involving animals is greatly reduced by up to about 98%.

The government points out however that they cannot fence off the whole length of the highway because it would interfere with the animal’s natural habitat. It (the Ministry of Transport Quebec) also mentions that the more fences installed, the more the animals concentrate on where there are none, making the deer and moose traffic even worse in those areas.

The road in question (175) is well known for its animal traffic and drivers are warned continually of moose and deer crossings. The problem is only going to get worse in the future because the animal population has nearly doubled in the last 15 years.

The best advice is probably to avoid the highway at night, as that is when most of the accidents occur.

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