Quebec stray cats story continues

Quebec stray cats story continues

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 August 2015 – It has been a year but, the city of Quebec still has a problem with the number of stay cats that roam the city and who breed unceasingly without any solution in sight.

Quebec City has sent out tenders to attract a company who would ideally look after and solve the problem of the rising number of strays but so far no one seems to be interested. The city itself has two solutions on the table that make good sense but for some reason do not want to force the ideas onto the cat owner population.

One solution is to make it mandatory for cat owners to have their animals neutered and the other is to have the animals implanted with a microchip which would make it easy for the city to find the animals if ever they are abandoned. Although the city doesn’t want to make it the law, they are strongly suggesting that either of the two solutions would be highly recommended. There is also talk of requiring cat owners to have a licence for their animals.

In the meantime, the city is also looking for someone who wants to establish a refuge for the animals that are picked up by the city, as right now the only place is the SPA, who are uncontrollably overcrowded. Two other places take in animals but, like the SPA, are also non-profit and exist on the help from volunteers and donations.

As for dogs, there is a law that requires dog owners to have their animals licensed but again, the city calculates that about half the dogs in the city do not have the mandatory dog tag. The city would like to make it clear that owning an animal is a serious responsibility and that releasing an animal into the wild to get rid of it is not only cruel to the animal but also an irresponsible act that causes enormous problems for the municipalities.

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