Québec Summer Carnival Taking Shape

Québec Summer Carnival Taking Shape

Nope, that’s not a typo; Quebec City is going to have, starting this year, a Summer Carnival and not just any Carnival. It’s going to be an international event called “MondoKarnaval”, and will include music and dancing from Africa, Les Antilles, and Asia. Not to be confused with the “Festival d’Eté”, this menu is on a smaller scale, earlier, probably just as exciting, and best of all, it’s free.

There was already a hint of things to come from an African music festival which was held every year but, grossly underplayed, so this year the organizers together with a bigger budget are going all out to make it a weekend spectacle of music from around the world and there is even talk of a parade including lots of colourful costumes and ethnic dances.

The whole thing takes place at Parc Cartier Brébeuf in the Limoilou borough, on the weekend of June 28 & 29. A beautiful and very historic Federal Park, Cartier Brébeuf has a natural setting which lends itself to presenting shows easily viewable as the stage area is lower than the surrounding terrain.

Some locally known artists like rhythm and blues rapper artist Webster and Valérie Clio (of La Voix fame) will be featured together with other musicians from around the world. Should be a fun time for all, we’ll be there for sure.

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