Quebec taxi drivers want Uber and UberX decision and fast

Quebec taxi drivers want Uber and UberX decision and fast

Quebec City (Quebec) 27 August 2015 – The registered, accredited taxi drivers want the provincial government to make a decision on the use of UBER and UBERx applications within the taxi industry, and to make their point, they created a blockade of about 100 cars in front of the parliament buildings this Tuesday in Quebec City. Other similar demonstrations were organized throughout the province including Montreal.

In Quebec City there are about 600 taxi permits and about 1,200 drivers who all pay taxes and a certain percentage of their take to the government and to their associations.

They all pay about $200,000 to obtain those permits and they don’t like the fact that the government is swaying in favour of accepting the use of the UBER app which could ruin their business.

Anyone can join the UBER services and the 5% of taxis who are not a member of the Taxi Coop, are profiting from the service.

There is a danger however of using UBER because the taxi that shows up at your door may not be insured, may not be accredited and could be an imposter posing as a taxi driver. There are no restrictions or specific laws pertaining to the use of calling a taxi by using their App at the present time.

The taxi associations want UBER banned from the province, or be forced to follow the same rules as its members.

The Premier, Philippe Couillard seems to be in favour of UBER, his Transport Minister on the other hand has said he opposes the company.

UBER is presently lobbying the government.

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