Quebec to Penalise Striking Private Daycares

Quebec to Penalise Striking Private Daycares

Quebec will sanction the private daycares if they go ahead with their day strikes to protest against budget cuts.

If daycares close on May 22nd, as they have threatened to do so, the Minister of Families, Nicole Léger has threatened to withdraw their support for the day and will impose a penalty corresponding to 50%, resulting in a loss of $ 3,750 on average.

“I will not tolerate that parents be held hostage by their pressure tactics,” said Ms. Léger at a press conference on Thursday.

Penalties will be more severe for subsequent days of strike announced by l’Association des garderies privées du Québec (AGPQ), including one May 30 and three more to come.

“I do not accept that the parents and their children bear the brunt of their stubbornness,” vowed Nicole Léger. The sanctions imposed by Quebec will be 75% if there is a second day of strike and 100% if there is a third, said the minister, who sent a letter to private daycares to inform them of these sanctions.

The AGPQ opposes cuts of $15 million. She suggested that Quebec compensates by reducing the proportion of seats to be allocated to early childhood centers in appeal for current class projects.

The minister believes that the government has already made ​​significant concessions by reducing the budget cuts from $18 million to $15 million. The minister added that the benefits provided to daycares are on average $100,000 per year, and that the cuts are $21,000.
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