Quebec to receive record transfer payment from Ottawa

Quebec to receive record transfer payment from Ottawa

Ottawa/Quebec (Canada) 15 December 2014 – There’s always talk in this province of Quebec not getting its share of transfer payments from Ottawa and there’s always talk in the rest of Canada about Quebec getting too much.

Whoever’s side your on the fact is that in 2015-2016 Quebec is going to receive almost half of all the transfer payments made across the whole country.

Back in 2005-2006 Quebec received $4.7 billion in transfer payments from Ottawa; in 2014-2015 that amount has almost doubled to $9.2 billion.

Canada is divided into ‘have and have-not’ provinces, of those, six are considered ‘have-nots’ and all receive transfer payments from the ‘have’ provinces like Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan.

In the 2015-2016 fiscal year Quebec will receive $9.5 billion in transfer payments, making it a record, and that does not include the money Quebec already receives in support payments for health and social programs.

In all, Quebec will receive $20.3 billion from The Nation’s Capital in the coming year. The total transfer payments made by Ottawa to all the ‘have-not’ provinces will be in the neighbourhood of $17.342 billion.

Quebec receives a total amount almost the same as its neighbour Ontario but, has 5.4 less people making the ratio somewhat higher compared to all the other six provinces who receive the same payments.

Since the provincial Liberals have been in power from April of this year, Premier Couillard has met with his Federal counterparts six times, whereas Ontario’s Premier has only managed to meet the Prime Minister once in the past year.

These figures will certainly become an issue for future provincial elections, or even at the federal level, as certain governments claim that Quebec doesn’t need to rely on Canada to survive or that vice-versa; Quebec is draining the federation’s pockets.

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