Quebec Tomato Wars

Quebec Tomato Wars

Forget Star Wars, it’s time for Tomato Wars…

Tomato war at Expo Quebec 2013

Expo Quebec confirmed its turn towards youth and thrills. This year, the visitors will have the chance to simulate a parachute jump, drink 50 metres above the ground, and throw tomatoes at each other.

TomatoesA tradition only implanted in the Spanish city of Buñol, a “tomatina » will take place for the first time in Quebec for the closure of the 102nd Expo Quebec edition which takes place from August 16 to 25.

This activity during which the participants will throw more than 100,000 tomatoes demonstrates the efforts of the organization to bring a change to this century old celebration.

Initiated by the announcement, a few months ago, relating the abandonment of the Animal judgement, the Expo Quebec rejuvenation is found through the new and more extreme activities.

Aiming the 15 to 35 year olds

Everything was changed: children and 15 to 35 year olds are targeted with activities such as paintball, an urban safari, and a bigger farm.

An obstacle course, a 50 metre high bar, and king of the mountain, where participants must climb a slippery hill, are example of the proposed activities.

The “aerodium”, a parachute jump simulation is also on the program. The famous animator, Pierre-Yves Lord was very enthusiastic to play a role in this event. These new activities add on the classics such as the animations, stands, karting, and much more.

Also new this year, the entrance price includes the entrance and access to all the new activities, shows, and attractions. While the price last year for 13+ tickets was $36,53, it will cost $24,79 before taxes this year. 10 day passports and family passes are also available.

The program and prices are available at

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