Quebec values debate back on – M. Couillard taking the heat

Quebec values debate back on – M. Couillard taking the heat

Quebec City, Sorel-Tracy (Quebec) 29 January 2015 – The great “Quebec Values” debate is back in the news and the opposition parties are hammering the premier to make a decision on what exactly should the role of Quebec be when it comes to religious matters in the province.

The Parti Québécois is waving its revamped Charter around again, much to the satisfaction of some of the population of the province, and the CAQ (Coalition Avenir Québec) is afraid that M. Couillard won’t be strong enough on protecting the so-called Quebec values, hoping he won’t give into pressure from external groups.

The province has been torn between being secular or practicing secularism for some time now.

The Parti Québécois even suggested that M.Couillard would be too lenient towards other religious beliefs because he had spent several years in Saudi-Arabia practicing as a doctor.

The CAQ leader François Legault, was not having anything to do with such an unfounded statement. M. Legault’s only concern, while speaking at a conference in Sorel-Tracy on the weekend, was that M. Couillard seemed to be somewhat blasé as to the protection of the Québec culture and its language, at least for the time being.

The arguments for secularism have come to the forefront in political circles once again in Québec ever since the attack in France on Charlie Hebdo, and the Jewish grocery store.

Call it opportunism, or call it security concerns, whatever it is, it has become a hot political issue in the halls of the Québec political arena and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere until M. Couillard comes down with a decision, which will probably be contested by the opposition parties anyway.

The Québec identity topic is one of the most popular subjects in the province and is an easy target for opponents to bring up at any given time.

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