Quebecers vacationing at home this summer

Quebecers vacationing at home this summer

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 June 2015 – According to the latest poll concerning the intentions of Quebecers and their plans for their summer vacation, it appears most will be staying in the province instead of travelling south to the States as is the norm. The survey was done during the first week of May by the CAA/Quebec (Canadian Automobile Association).

In May, 54% of Quebecers said they would be staying in the province as compared to last year when it was 49%. Only 13% of the 1007 people polled said they were planning on heading south for their time off from work.

Two factors seem to be at the root of their decision. First and foremost, the value of the Canadian dollar, which is running around 80 cents as compared to the American greenback, and secondly the price of gas. According to the CAA’s Sophie Gagnon, the figures could change if the weather in the province turns nasty forcing people to go elsewhere to get some sun. It is also important to note that since the first week in May, the price of gas has drastically increased by about 20% which could have an effect on the number who said they would be taking advantage of the beaches in Maine.

The average budget this year per couple is in the neighbourhood of $2,000 for a two week break and Quebecers are much less concerned these days about the two week Construction Holiday, which has always been a focal point of when people would leave on vacation. 72% of the population is not concerned with the two weeks from July 19 to July 26 (Construction Break) preferring to go on vacation earlier in July or later in August.

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