Québécois Concerned by Religious Integrism

Québécois Concerned by Religious Integrism

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 February 2015 – According to a recent poll conducted by polling agency CROP for La Presse, religious integrism – particularly from immigrant sources – is a rising concern among Québécois of all stripes. When asked if the “refusal of certain immigrants to adopt Canadian and Québec values” was a source of concern, fully 85% of Québécois polled answered affirmatively.  Only 5% answered “not at all”.

These concerns extend to issues of perceived safety.  Two thirds of those polled were also “somewhat” or “very” concerned that this religious integrism was a threat to Québec’s safety.  This number jumps up to 75% when only considering people over 55, and climbs higher still in Québec City specifically.  An even greater number of Québécois – 79% – are further worried that young people may be converted to radical fundamentalist causes and join foreign armed forces.  Though the poll’s questions and published results specified no religion, Daesh (also known as ISIS or ISIL) preaching a violently and radically corrupted version of Islam to recruit from around the world was the clear subtext to much of the poll’s results.

These numbers contradict the more moderate analysis of the issue proposed by Premier Couillard and the Québec government, who has repeatedly reinforced the distinction between integrism and violent extremism.  Integrism, says the Premier, is a personal choice which does not necessarily result in social disruption or violence.

Despite this, support for a hypothetical “Charter of Values” remains comparatively low, at 51%.  The notion of a charter enshrining Québécois values was originally brought forward by the Parti Québécois before the last election and became a divisive election issue.  The Liberals, now in power, had promised a similar but more moderate charter but have yet to present any update on the process.

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