QuébéComm and Festival Grand Rire Hit Belgium

QuébéComm and Festival Grand Rire Hit Belgium

QuébéComm keeps up the international influence of the Festival Grand Rire by moving in to Belgium.

The Quebec team will be ready during the second edition of the Festival International du rire de Liège. After establishing itself in France, the organization intends to do the same in Belgium.

Thursday, Quebec Grand Rire will participate in the official gala of the Festival d’humour de Liège led by the Taloche brothers. Quebec will be represented by Anthony Kavanagh, Dominic et Martin, Dominique Paquet, François Massicotte, PA Methot, and Olivier Martineau.

Québécomm Television will also film clips for a later broadcast on CBC.

The next day, Friday, the Belgians will be able to watch the live shows of François Massicotte and Dominic Paquet who will both present a part of their show at the Soirée Québec.
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