Quebec’s finance minister prepares Wall Street for autumn of protests

Quebec’s finance minister prepares Wall Street for autumn of protests

New York City (New York) 12 May 2015 – Speaking at the Yale Club in New York City this past week, Quebec’s finance minister Carlos Leitão wanted to warn the financial district in the US that this fall will probably be very tumultuous in Quebec as far as protest marches and protest rallies are concerned.

He explained that unlike most places in the US and Canada, all of Quebec’s collective agreements with its employees come due at the same time, which means everyone (unions) is going to be demonstrating their disagreements at the same time. “It should make for some great TV”, uttered Laitão.

When questioned by the Quebec La Presse newspaper about the affect of seeing the images on TV, which will probably be on CNN at one point, the finance minister explained that it will simply show the world that Quebec is a democratic society and that people have a right to protest freely. When asked if he wasn’t worried that Quebec’s image may be tarnished by the media coverage, M. Leitão replied that “yes it may be a surprise for some people” but he is hoping that it won’t be as bad as in the fall of 2012.

When asked about the huge debt burden that Quebec is supporting vis-a-vis American investments, the minister said “Not to worry, although Quebec is in debt for $200 billion, everything is under control and that the province has money in a generations fund set aside to help reduce the debt on an annual basis.”

In summing up, with all the austerity measures going on in Quebec right now it appears the situation with the unions is going to get worse before it gets better.

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