Quebec’s former Lieutenent-Governor facing fraud charges

Quebec’s former Lieutenent-Governor facing fraud charges

311px-Lise_Thibault-flagsLise Thibault, who was the representative of the Queen for the Province from 1997 to 2007, is in court these days to defend herself against charges of fraud, misconduct and embezzlement of government funds for over $700,000.

The RCMP and the Sureté de Québec have over 70,000 sheets of documents of proof showing Mme Thibault charged personal events which normally she should have paid for by herself to her government expense accounts; things like birthday parties, family gatherings, personal hotel expenses and even a supplementary house she had rented on top of the residence she already had available to her at the Chateau Frontenac. She had also charged her employer for fishing trips, and trips to visit family and or friends throughout Canada. The accused also billed both governments for the same fraudulent expenses which is why she is being tried by the two levels of Government.

The case against Mme Thibault has been building since 2008, after a year of investigation by the RCMP and the SQ. Several witnesses are and will be testifying against Mme Thibault; people she had hired at one point or another for personal events or other individuals who worked for her or had been assistants to some of her affairs. The Lieutenant-Governor’s position has a budget of $4,800 per month plus a free residence which would normally cover any expenses and or activities the person hired would need to carry out his or her official functions.

In her defense, her Lawyers state that since Mme Thibault’s position required her to be available 24 hours a day, she had the right to charge for any and all expenses involved in her everyday life. The trial is expected to last several weeks with a verdict proclaimed shortly after. Prosecutors are pushing for Mme Thibault to either reimburse the money or do prison time depending on the circumstances.

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