Québec’s Good Driving Gets Rewarded

Québec’s Good Driving Gets Rewarded

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 May 2015 – The Québec provincial government is about to announce a reward in the form of a reduction in fees for driver’s licences and vehicle registration costs for the majority of the population. Because the number of deaths and injuries on Quebec roads has greatly decreased in the last six years the SAAQ, (Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec) has managed to reap a profit of $745 million. The number of deaths on Québec roads has gone from 503 in 2009 to 336 in 2014, which is a substantial drop, and the same thing can be said for the number of injuries, either serious or minor.

The new fees for a driver’s licence will be $9 less starting in 2016 with an added saving of $56 for vehicle registration in the same year. The reduced costs will be in effect for three years and means the province, according to the president of the SAAQ Nathalie Tremblay, will have the lowest car insurance rates of anywhere in Canada. She also mentioned that it would be difficult to improve on the current data.

The statistics show that young drivers between the ages of 15 to 24 have also improved their record as far as accidents and demerit points are concerned which Mme Tremblay was pleased to announce.

The new photo-radar cameras that are being installed around the cities should also help improve the driving habits of Québécois. The government is also pondering the idea of having special roadside stopping areas for drivers who find a need to receive or send text messages while in their cars.

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