Quebec’s largest homeless refuge overflowing

Quebec’s largest homeless refuge overflowing

Lauberivière overflowing.

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 September 2015 – Quebec City’s largest refuge for the homeless, Lauberivière, is experiencing an extreme influx of people looking for their services these days. The director of the institution, Eric Boulay says it is normal at this time of year when the weather starts to get a bit cooler, that the centre has to deal with more clients in need.

The last few days however have been so busy that the personnel have had to send some of their demands to other centres like the Salvation Army and a second service called La Maison Revivre.

The section for women is full and some extra cots have been set-up in the men’s residence to accommodate as many as possible. The last time the demand was so high was back in 2001 to 2005 when an extra wing was opened up to accept 15 supplementary beds.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the temperatures of -30c that bring the most people to the centre. The end of September to the beginning of October is always the busiest time for Laubrivière according to M. Boulay.

This year appears to be different from others in that there are a lot of newcomers and more women and young asking for help.

For the moment they are sending those who need help to the other institutions but, if need be will reopen the extra room which will allows 15 extra beds to be used.

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