Quebec’s proposed gun registry disputed

Quebec’s proposed gun registry disputed

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 March 2015 – Last week when the Supreme court ruled that the federal government had the right to destroy the remaining documents concerning the now defunct national gun registry program, Quebec immediately reciprocated by stating they would now create their own registry for the province even if they couldn’t get their hands on the federal files from the previous program.

The news of a provincial registry is not surprising, since the province already said they would create their own as soon as the Federal government announced they were abolishing the national program which was inefficient and costly.

The province has come up with a figure of $30 million to introduce their firearms registry which seems rather generous for a population of 7 million people considering that there are less than 1 million people who possess a rifle.

Not everyone is on board however with the idea of a long arms registry. In fact, the same people that resisted when the Federal program was introduced are the same people who are upset about the new provincial inception. The hunters, farmers and small game hunters claim there is no need for a gun control program in the province and that the hunting industry brings in about $540 million a year into Quebec’s economy.

In recent years, and more recently in the latest budget, the cost of a hunting permit has increased by 40% and according to the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pécheurs, (FQCP) if one has to pay another sum of money to register his weapons then perhaps it’s no longer worth the cost to hunt.

M. Pierre Latraverse, FQCP president, also finds it strange that the government has $30 million to “waste” on controlling guns, when the province is in an extreme austerity program to reduce the provincial deficit of $197 billion.

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