Québec’s Swiss Clock Not Keeping Perfect Time

Québec’s Swiss Clock Not Keeping Perfect Time

Quebec City (Quebec) October 3, 2014 – It was discovered earlier this week that the famous clock from Jura, Switzerland is having trouble keeping its rhythm. The clock has been installed on its glassed in pedestal for about a month now but, it appears to have a problem keepingits two faces in sync. At the beginning of the week the clock had a two-minute difference between the north face and the south face.

Specialists were called in from Trois Rivieres and who attempted Thursday to readjust the mechanism so that both sides are compatible. After several hours of working with weights and pendulums they managed to catch up by 1 minute, but there is still a minute difference between the two sides.

The experts are going to contact the manufacturer in Switzerland to see if they can’t pinpoint the problem and come back next week to reattempt the adjustment.

The clock has been a huge success for tourists and has become a local focal point together with the new City hall square, which is just about completed, even for the inhabitants of this fair city. It is housed in a temperature and air-controlled structure directly in front of the D’Orsay restaurant in case you have been looking for it. It is quite impressive.

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