Questionable methods from the “Healer” of Pintendre

Questionable methods from the “Healer” of Pintendre

Pintendre (Quebec) 21 May 2015 – His name is Renaud Gallant, and he claims he can cure you of any ailment you may be suffering from.

Problem is M. Gallant is not a doctor, nor is he a nurse; in fact all M. Gallant uses to solve your health problem, whatever it may be, is faith and his personal remedy suggestions, which appear to be somewhat doubtful, according to the Quebec College of Physicians.
Practicing medicine in the province without a proper degree is illegal and now that the college has wind of this chap they are out to impose an injunction on his behalf, through the Quebec courts.

Not only is M. Gallant, who is 70 years old, practicing medicine illegally, he has written a book on the subject, entitled: Je ne dois jamais hésiter à dire; “JE GUERIS” C’est la mission de ma vie.

Since there were some questions about his practice, a person imposing as a patient went to his house, situated about a half hour south of Quebec City, and explained she was having a problem with digestion accompanied with cramps in her stomach. After sending some type of energy over her body and then groping her abdomen M. Gallant told the imposter that her liver was as hard as a stone and that she should stop eating acidic foods, and drink lots of water, among other details. She was charged $50 for each of two visits lasting 30 minutes.

The College wants a permanent injunction on M. Gallant stating that he practices illegal medicine, makes false diagnosis’ and illegally prescribes medication, whether it be pharmaceutical or therapeutic.

He was already fined $4,500 in 2011 and will be back in court on June 19 to defend himself once again.

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