Racist comments toward P.K. Subban

Racist comments toward P.K. Subban

The racist remarks made by supporters of the Bruins to the Canadiens defenseman PK Subban has provoked strong reactions on social networks.

Since Thursday night, 22,000 tweets were issued with the hashtag ” #n***** (we’re not repeating it)” and 67,000 tweets with the hashtag #PKSubban.

The good news in there is that about 90% of the tweets were not racist, but rather people who defended Subban.

The sad reality is that racism is alive and well in the United States. The difference is that people now have a platform like Twitter to express it.

The number of racist tweets was so great after the winning goal by PK Subban that the word “n*****” was found in the Twitter trends Thursday night in the Boston area.

In the United States, the word is taboo, it is the ultimate insult. The word “n*****” is the worst racial epithet in the English language.

It is a word related to the time of slavery.

The Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, was visibly irritated by the comments of these supporters. Several journalists from Boston also defended their city.

The last word goes to Nicolas Boisvert who wrote on his Twitter account : “For some fans of Boston, know that Subban is not black or white. Subban is red, white and blue’’.

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