Radical combat community established in Valcartier

Radical combat community established in Valcartier

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 September 2015 – A group of radical extremists has been discovered recently by the La Presse newspaper out of Montreal. A group calling themselves Table Rase has set up a Facebook page and offers courses of extreme combat directly on the Valcartier army base close to Quebec City. Members include ex-military as well as active soldiers with a following of about 1,700 on the internet.

The group is purportedly racist and fascist, and claims that the defeat of the Germans in WWII was the worst thing to have ever happened, claiming it was the start of the destruction of the white (occidental) race. They believe the attacks on 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, and the sinking of the Titanic were all fabricated. They also believe the Diary of Anne Frank is completely false.

The biggest concern is that the group offers combat courses right on the base in Valcartier at the community sports centre, and advertises their beliefs and vision with a poster displayed during the courses.

The group uses Nazi quotes integrated with sayings from Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King to maintain some sort of perceived balance in their preachings. It is a legal entity headed up by an ex-military man named Guillaume Boulanger. He claims to be still active in the military and describes his profession as a graphic artist.

When questioned about the group by La Presse the Canadian Armed Forces had nothing to say other than to reiterate the fact that the CAF rejects racism and intolerance.

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