Radio Radio explodes Le Cercle

Radio Radio explodes Le Cercle

Quebec City (Quebec) 7 March 2015 – Thursday night Le Cercle on St-Joseph hosted the inimitable Radio Radio band. The energetic duo did not disappoint and once again proved that their uniquely Canadian East-Coast flavour and bilingual style combined with a bass-heavy yet upbeat sound is enough to conquer any crowd.

The show was preceded by the self-styled Dernier Empereur Bantou Pierre Kwenders. The only way I can fully describe this emerging artist’s style is by saying that if Avicii smoked some Mary Jane with The Roots and together they decided to produce their own version of the Lion King it would feature a Pierre Kwenders soundtrack. If bobbing heads and shuffling bodies are any indication, I’d say the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the originality of the main course’s mise en bouche.

The break between Pierre Kwenders and Radio Radio seemed to last a lifetime as one group excused itself while the other settled in. This interlude however allowed me plenty of time to elbow my way to the bar and order a drink from the suddenly overwhelmed but friendly bar staff. Their whisky selection seeming somewhat limited I was pleased to see they had a bottle of classic Maker’s Mark. The fumes the Bourbon provided were a welcome change to the CO2 I’d been inhaling for the past hour or so from my aforementioned head-bobbing entourage. By the time Radio Radio made it to the stage the place was so packed even a sardine would blush.

The introduction was epic as expected. The duo exploded onto stage and gave renditions of hit upon hit with all the energy their live shows have come to be famous for. Spanning over all four of their albums, the show featured a lineup of crowd favourites that sent everyone into a frenzy. I couldn’t help myself and became one with the crowd, clumsily bumping into my neighbours as they joyously returned the favour. It was hot, it was packed and it did not matter.

The band played non stop for well over an hour breaking between pieces only to share anecdotal song introductions in their colourful and unique Chiac tongue. They offered a generous recall and retired past midnight, inviting everyone to stay for the after-party show provided by King Abid featuring Québec local Karim Ouellet.

I have personally attended at least five different shows put on by Radio Radio in the last half-dozen years so my expectations were way up. They not only didn’t disappoint but proved that they have mastered the art of giving a show. Their blend of new and old material, combined with the unique flavour of their persona is all they need to bring the energy level within the crowd to near nuclear.

While the after-party sounded promising my exhausted body had other plans and reminded me that I really couldn’t handle being out this late on a Thursday night. Although I woke up this morning feeling far from glorious and sounding like a 50+ year chain-smoker, the whole experience was definitely worth while.

Radio Radio’s latest album Ej Feel Zoo is available everywhere. Le Cercle is both a restaurant and a show room located on rue St-Joseph near the Imperial which regularly presents shows featuring an eclectic mix of popular and emerging artists. Tickets are often affordable and supper packages are sometimes available.

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