RAP – Young People Helping Young People in Charlesbourg

RAP – Young People Helping Young People in Charlesbourg

A group of young people in Charlesbourg have joined forces with the trans-Canadian organization known as “Raising the Roof” or in French “Chez Toit” to help make a better life for those unfortunate kids who for some reason or another have resorted to living on the streets or begging for money anywhere they can. The group targets those less fortunate between the ages of 12 and 25 who have no one to turn to because of family disruptions or consequences beyond their own control.

The group, known as (RAP), Regroupement Action Préventive Jeunesse des Laurentides, reaches out to the homeless kids by physically approaching them and discussing their particular circumstances making suggestions as to how they think they could improve their lives or change something that would help make their lives more comfortable or more positive.

They call themselves “street workers” and that is exactly what they do. They get out on the streets to find homeless kids and try and get them to come together in public parks to discuss their problems as a group, making it sort of a group therapy session and a “brainstorming” experience at the same time. The goal is to make the homeless feel like they are part of something which in turn gives them someone to consult when they think they need it. A lot of these kids end up as suicide victims because they can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, but RAP believes that by getting everyone together and sharing their stories a lot of these kids can break out of the rut they’re in and eventually go back home or even find work.

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