Rare cars looking for a new home

Rare cars looking for a new home

One of the world’s, yes world’s, most precious private car collections is hidden away in a home in a small village called Thetford Mines, which is about one hour southwest of Quebec City. What makes it even more popular right now is the fact that the owner of these exquisite vehicles has put it up for sale and he’s hoping the collection will stay in the province.

So far several cities have shown a keen interest in having the cars in their possession to be used for a museum in the tourist industry. Besides Quebec City, Shawinigan, Sherbrooke and Gatineau are in the running to procure the treasures. There is even talk of the provincial Government getting involved along with the private sector.

The cars in question are owned and have been hidden away by a Mr. Demers only to be viewed by heads of state and or sport celebrities such as Michael Schumacher and even Jay Leno, an avid collector in his own right. Some people have paid up to $2,000 dollars to sneak a look at the beauties and discuss their origins with M. Demers himself.

Some of the cars in the collection are very rare; some ‘one of a kind’ vehicles never before seen, for example: the 1937 Bugatti owned by the artist Riopelle, the first Superlegerra, by Lamborghini, the Auburn, Boatail owned by the actress Jean Harlow, one of Elton John’s Jaguars, and believe it or not Michael Jackson’s Bugatti Vector.

It looks like the collection has a good chance of being moved to Shawinigan, which would put it right between Montreal and Quebec City making it accessible for the majority of the population.
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