Recently elected Quebec Bar Association head involved in controversy

Recently elected Quebec Bar Association head involved in controversy

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 July 2015 – A story we have been following in recent weeks is slowly coming to an end. The new head of the Quebec Bar Association, Me Lu Chan Khuong who was elected by 63% of the association’s members back in May of this year was suspended of her duties on July 1st because it was discovered she had tried to shoplift a pair of jeans in a Simon’s store years ago. Charges were never laid by the store, and the case was never heard in court, meaning Me Khuong was never found guilty of any crime.

The Quebec Minister of Justice, Stéphanie Vallée has come to the defence of Me Khuong, stating that any information concerning the choice of a Bar member is confidential and doesn’t normally reach the media, inadvertently becoming public information.

The concern is that those people who were not in favour of Me Khuong becoming the new head have dug up some dirt from her past and want the Administration council to relieve her of her duties. Me Khuong also has support from some of Quebec’s most prominent lawyers such as, Me Julius Grey, Me Anne-France Goldwater and has the backing of most of Quebec’s municipal Bar Associations including the Canadian Bar Association.

On Thursday of this week Me Khuong herself hired a lawyer and has issued a formal notice to the Administration Board that the supposed accusations on her behalf are “illegal” and “unreasonable”. She is also threatening a case of “defamation of character” if the Board continues to insist on her being suspended. She is taking back her job and is dedicated to making the changes to the Bar Association for which she was elected.

Me Khuong only found out about her “suspension” through a newspaper article published in La Presse newspaper minutes before her first meeting with the Board. The Justice Minister is astounded at the lack of professionalism shown by the Board of an institution that is supposed to represent the legal renderings of the province.

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