Recycling bins mostly empty in Quebec City

Recycling bins mostly empty in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) September 17, 2014 – Although the city has been promoting, advertising and encouraging Quebec City area residents to recycle as much as possible, it appears the population isn’t getting the message.

There are a lot more recyclable items than most people are aware of, says the city, and they want to get citizens onboard once and for all.

Only 43% of those blue bins are being used to their capacity and that is down from the previous year from 44%.

In 2008 there was 94kg per household being recycled and that figure wass down to 84kg per family in 2013.

Île d’Orleans residents have the poorest showing when it comes to recycling and Lévis, on the south shore, is better than Québec but, still below the 50% mark.

The city is launching a new campaign this fall to make people aware of the process and what happens to the material that is recycled hoping to make the idea more interesting for everyone.

For example; plastics can be used for combustion purposes to operate energy stations, and glass is reused, among other things, to make tiles and synthetic platforms for public parks.

Quebec City has a sorting depot which has just been updated at a cost of $6 million where all the recyclable products are separated, classified and sent to the different manufacturers who reuse the material.

The city would also like industry to do its part, and to help them out, it has agreed to collect the blue bins for free instead of charging an annual fee.

Recycling helps save the planet for the generations to come, so there is no reason, not to do it.

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