Reduced cost for vehicle registration for the next 3 years

Reduced cost for vehicle registration for the next 3 years

Main pic: Quebec license plate / Plaque d’immatriculation québécoise. Photo credit: Lionel Bartel

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 November 2014 – It’s not often we get good news from our governing bodies, but for once, this seems like a fair deal.

In the last seven years the SAAQ, (Société de l’assurance Automobile du Québec) has had to pay out less in compensation for accidental deaths and injuries because of a greatly improved scorecard concerning accidents and injuries on Quebec roads.

So with the extra money saved we, the consumer, are going to be rewarded.

For the next two renewal dates, in 2016 and 2018 the cost for renewing your driver’s licence will be $55 instead of $64, and for renewing the car registration (licence plate) it will be $64 instead of $120; a saving of 35%. The new fees apply to vehicles used for personal, normal use and does not apply to vehicles belonging to floats or companies, nor does it apply to motorcycles.

The new fees are for the next two renewal periods only and will or may be adjusted after that depending on the results from the next seven year period from the SAAQ. A surplus would probably mean the charges would remain the same.

The SAAQ owes the reduction in highway accidents to three things; a better awareness by drivers in general, a stronger surveillance by police departments, and the installation of cameras along major routes causing people to pay more attention to speed limits and construction zones.

Despite all the bad news we hear these days about austerity programs, this decision can only make us feel a little bit better about where our tax money goes.

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