Refrigerated Ice Rink Slated for the Plains of Abraham

Refrigerated Ice Rink Slated for the Plains of Abraham

Quebec City wants to go forth with the temporary refrigerated ice rink project on the Champs-de-Bataille Park.

This plan has been created to overcome the climatic changes which affect the Pentathlon des neiges. It will also allow citizens to skate for three months and it will prepare the ground for the winter sports.

An offer is being prepared to find the best idea to keep the ice rink refrigerated.

It would be just behind the Concorde.

From mid-December to mid-March, many skaters will have the chance to practice on the new ice. For a few years already, a natural patch of ice formed but only in the month of February.

This initiative taken to have an ice rink is directly linked to the Capital’s desire to be equal to the international level of competition. If Quebec wants a winter triathlon, there must be a decent ice rink for the athletes to practice on.

Last year in the Pentathlon, the speed skating challenge was cancelled because of a massive snow storm followed by mild weather which made the skating impossible. A refrigerated system could help control and avoid these situations in the future.
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